The Herald Bulletin – Pit bull killed after attacking woman

The Herald Bulletin – Pit bull killed after attacking woman

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There are some sick, sick people out there. What kind of person can kill a dog with their bare hands and say he was just doing what he “had to do?” Even worse, how is it that the police and ASPCA aren’t all over him? I was so shocked to see the comment by the detective, Mitch Carroll:

Determining the viciousness of the dog will be important to the investigation, Carroll said. “It’s not as if he grabbed Fifi the poodle with a bow on her head and wrapped her around the tree. We’re talking about a vicious animal.”

I’d love to know exactly what he thinks the “viciousness” of the dog has to do with anything. The man didn’t beat the dog in order to get it off the woman. He pulled the dog off, walked it across the street, then a friend handed him an axe handle and he began beating the dog. Five minutes later the poor dog was still alive so he stomps on her throat and then, just for good measure, he hangs her with an extension cord. How is that NOT animal cruelty?! I’m just appalled. I keep wondering if he owns any other animals. What will happen to them if they make him angry?


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