I had the biopsy yesterday. I didn’t feel a thing at the time, but I knew it was going to hurt later, considering the way the Dr. kept working that gun around in me. It started aching before I even made it home. If feels a lot better today, but it’s still sore. I have trouble moving my right arm around because the incision is on the side of my breast and every time my arm rubs up against it, it hurts. Still, I’m sure this is much better than the old way. The hole is tiny. I’m not even wearing a bandaid today.
What really sucks is that I’m not going to know anything until Wednesday morning. I just cannot believe it’s going to take that long! Where on Earth do they have to send it, Timbuktu? I just want to know something, ANYTHING, instead of sitting here wondering. Guess I don’t have much choice, though. Patience just isn’t my strong suit.


About winsomebulldog

I am a Southern-born and raised woman who moved north for the love of my Yankee husband. We met in 1987 and have been together ever since. I am a lover of food, photography, crafting, sewing, quilting, dogs and cats - as well as pretty much any other critter - and the afore mentioned husband. I'm a Christian and not ashamed to say so. I tend to ramble in both thought and speech, so staying on topic is always something of an issue. I'm naturally optimistic, and find humor in just about everything.
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