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I’m starting this early, though I won’t post it for a few days. I don’t know what brought this to mind, beyond the fact that I was talking on my last post about my mother’s hyacinths and the fact that … Continue reading

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Wow, I didn’t know I could feel this tired. I swear it wasn’t this bad during the chemo. Or maybe it was and I’ve just forgotten. You know, Chemo Brain and all. Then again, I guess it’s possible, and probably … Continue reading

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Signs of Radiation Exposure…

Well, I’m into my third week of radiation treatments. As I was laying there today listening to the machine buzzing while it zapped me, I couldn’t help thinking about Japan and it’s nuclear situation. If the worst were to happen … Continue reading

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Rain, Rain, Go Away…

Just to get this out of the way… I’ve finished my second week of radiation. I think I’m starting to notice some changes in the targeted breast, but nothing really uncomfortable so far. Did I mention that my Dr. told … Continue reading

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(Imagine Elvis singing…) iq Memories… pressed between the pages of my mind… iq Okay, so Mark and I went up to Scottsburg, IN the other day on a whim. I’d had my radiation and we decided to run up there … Continue reading

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☢ Radiation Alert! ☢

I began my radiation therapy today. The first treatment was nothing special. It’s very fast, taking no more than five minutes at the absolute most for the actual treatment. I spend more time getting ready for it. I have to … Continue reading

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