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I am a Southern-born and raised woman who moved north for the love of my Yankee husband. We met in 1987 and have been together ever since. I am a lover of food, photography, crafting, sewing, quilting, dogs and cats - as well as pretty much any other critter - and the afore mentioned husband. I'm a Christian and not ashamed to say so. I tend to ramble in both thought and speech, so staying on topic is always something of an issue. I'm naturally optimistic, and find humor in just about everything.

My Response to Matt Walsh

Let’s just get this out of the way right off the bat. I’ve heard others talk about things they’ve seen Matt Walsh say and/or do that left them with very poor opinions of him, but since I wasn’t there at … Continue reading

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Depression, Suicide, and Survival

I just cannot believe it. I’m sitting here with tears in my eyes as word of Robin Williams’ death spreads across social media and all the news channels. I’m old enough to have seen some episodes of Mork and Mindy … Continue reading

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Maggie May

Sigh. I love writing, but I’m terrible about making updates to this blog. I had someone ask me about Katie recently, which reminded me that I hadn’t transferred the final entry about her from my other blog to this one. … Continue reading

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This is Animal Cruelty…

Brace yourselves, I’m about to launch a colossal rant. Anyone who’s on Facebook knows how easy it is to miss a post by any friend or liked page, particularly with Facebook’s “we know better than you” attitude that leads them … Continue reading

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Katie’s gone… A glimpse of how she got her name, Katie-Bar-the-Door. This is the expression I loved most on her face. Joy. The image that inspired the winsomebulldog name.   And finally… Yesterday, at the emergency clinic. If you know me, … Continue reading

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Golden Honey Pan Rolls – Lazy Version

After yesterday’s Buttered Rosemary Rolls, I decided to try the shortcut version of the Golden Honey Pan Rolls that I already know are fantastic. The link will take you to the full recipe that has instructions on how to make … Continue reading

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Buttered Rosemary Rolls

Okay, made these yesterday. Didn’t use the iron skillet because… well because I just didn’t want to dig it out and I already had a square cake pan handy. The pan held nine comfortably and I just let them rise … Continue reading

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Sometimes Reality Bites…

There’s been a lot of talk lately about how I’m coming to the end of my journey with cancer. (Assuming it never returns, and I’m going to make that assumption for my own peace of mind.) Everyone seems to bring … Continue reading

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The Squeaker…

[This post will have to wait a few days to be published, because we have a rule about making it public (as in broadcasting it to the world on the web) when Mark is out of town. This week he’s … Continue reading

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Old Prejudices…

I am positive that I have talked about racism here before. Being Southern by birth and heritage, it’s an inescapable part of me. I openly admit that I had racist parents. But I also will add that they were what … Continue reading

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The End of This Trail…

It is so hard to believe that I’m pretty much at the the end of my cancer journey. I got my final treatment last Thursday. I have other appointments. I will get a heart scan and then see my oncologist … Continue reading

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My, How Time Flies…

It’s almost over. There is one treatment left to go. There will still be a few more months of cancer related tests and appointments, of course. And the port will have to be flushed every six weeks until they decide … Continue reading

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We don’t have children. This has not kept us from watching and enjoying several “children’s” movies, however. These days studios that have traditionally always produced movies strictly for children are injecting expressions and moments into their children’s films that are … Continue reading

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It’s Baaack… (Not the cancer!)

You know, I’ve gotten a lot of comments since my diagnosis about how wonderful my attitude was. Several folks along the way have commented on how awesome it was that I was not only able to maintain my sense of … Continue reading

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Day Two…

 Today’s reading: Job chapters 6-20 Alright, I’m in the middle of today’s reading and feeling the need to comment on thoughts that are coming to me as I go. I’m afraid that if I wait until I’m finished, I won’t … Continue reading

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