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Maggie May

Sigh. I love writing, but I’m terrible about making updates to this blog. I had someone ask me about Katie recently, which reminded me that I hadn’t transferred the final entry about her from my other blog to this one. … Continue reading

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This is Animal Cruelty…

Brace yourselves, I’m about to launch a colossal rant. Anyone who’s on Facebook knows how easy it is to miss a post by any friend or liked page, particularly with Facebook’s “we know better than you” attitude that leads them … Continue reading

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Katie’s gone… A glimpse of how she got her name, Katie-Bar-the-Door. This is the expression I loved most on her face. Joy. The image that inspired the winsomebulldog name.   And finally… Yesterday, at the emergency clinic. If you know me, … Continue reading

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Sometimes Reality Bites…

There’s been a lot of talk lately about how I’m coming to the end of my journey with cancer. (Assuming it never returns, and I’m going to make that assumption for my own peace of mind.) Everyone seems to bring … Continue reading

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Way to Go, Hickory!

Okay, perhaps you may have guessed that I am a dog lover. I’d rather not try to list every single dog I have ever owned, as there have, unfortunately, been a few that were not a part of my life … Continue reading

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Don’t Make Me Come Over There!

Don’t Make Me Come Over There! Originally uploaded by stilskweekz Just had to put this up. A fellow flickr user asked to photoshop Tommy and here is the result. LOL

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Go Wallace!

Wallace is such a fantastic pit bull ambassador! I love what his owner does with and for the breed. I don’t own a pit now, but I did in the past and she was the sweetest dog in the world. … Continue reading

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