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Why, do you suppose, do we humans make such an art out of marking the passage of time? We count every single thing on an annual basis. Birthdays, holidays, and anniversaries of every sort. I’m not saying I don’t do … Continue reading

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Response to a Comment…

On the night of the Super Bowl, I posted about the absurdity of how the NFL rejected a commercial with a less than overt Christian message, yet offered several items of their own that openly and repeatedly referred to God: … Continue reading

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Bye, Bye Chemo!

Well, I’m finished with the chemo. Been done for a few weeks now, but was waiting for the last of the side effects to fade before posting. Actually, I’d thought about doing a post that detailed my symptoms through that … Continue reading

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Way to Go, Hickory!

Okay, perhaps you may have guessed that I am a dog lover. I’d rather not try to list every single dog I have ever owned, as there have, unfortunately, been a few that were not a part of my life … Continue reading

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Are You Ready for Some Football (and Religion?)

Have I mentioned that I’m a football fan? You can probably thank my father for it. I can remember watching Sunday football games when I was really young. Mom never liked it, but I always did, I guess. Daddy was … Continue reading

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